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Feel proud about your yard again when the team from Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance is looking after your grass and flower beds.

Are your grounds losing their sparkle?

Landscape Maintenance Services from Finishing Touches LAndscaping & Maintenance

Putting work into your outdoor living space is a great way to improve your property’s value through curb appeal. However, landscaping is a lot of work and may take hours from your day to keep perfect.

Many elements go into achieving the best results when it comes to your property’s landscape management plans. We take all of those into consideration and understand that no property is the same.

Finishing Touches offers professional service to any landscape for homeowners around the Snohomish area.

Read on to learn how our professional landscape company can transform your property into a lush and vibrant landscape.


Our Full Lawn Maintenance services include


Full Lawn Care Programs

Our expert landscaping contractors know what your lawn needs throughout every month of the year. Full lawn nutrition programs available.


Landscape Maintenance

With our complimentary quotes, personal correspondence, and expert task management, our landscape upkeep services run like clockwork.


Sod Installation

Get your yard set up right with our sod install services, then get us to keep up on the regular care that your new turf needs!


Lawn Mowing

Professional lawn trimming services keep your yard looking great, with both reel cutting or rotary design mowers available.



Thatch is a layer of organic matter that accumulates on a lawn around the base of the grass plants. Excessive thatch causes root problems for your grass and lawn mower difficulties.



We perforate the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn.



Hydroseeding is a great way to get full coverage on a property quickly- particularly useful for large properties.



Overseeding is a frequently used strategy for helping with problems such as patchy and thinning grass and damaged lawns.

Our Yard Maintenance Services Include


Flower Beds Maintenance

  • Weeding
  • Raking
  • Edge maintenance

Ornamental Pruning

If you have trees, bushes, and hedges, you know that what they bring to your landscape quickly goes away without regular pruning.


Yard Clean Up

We offer one-time or recurring clean up services, including leaf collection in the fall and spring clean ups. Call us for more info!



We offer weed control to make sure your home, your yard as well as your flower bed, remains gorgeous and healthy. The best part? Probably that you don’t need to do all that bending over yourself!



Besides its aesthetic value, mulch keeps moisture in the ground, protects from extreme temperatures, and prevents erosion.


Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing helps tie together all the lawn care and flower bed maintenance work with cleaning for decks, walkways, driveways, and more.

Our Irrigation Services Include


Sprinkler System Installation

If you’re attempting to ensure that the plants that make up your landscaping stay healthy, regular watering is essential. Irrigation systems make sure that water is administered properly and with automatic timers it’s “set it and forget it.”


Sprinkler System Winterizing

If your watering system is full of water when freezing temperatures hit, the water can expand and freeze, triggering damaged lines which need expensive repair work and potentially even property damage when it thaws. Call us to prepare your sprinkler system for winter.


Sprinkler System Activation

When winter season is ending and we’re returning to warmer temperature levels, it’s time to activate your watering system to get it prepared for spring- give us a call to do this properly.

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We offer comprehensive landscaping services in Snohomish

Full Landscaping Maintenance Services

You can trust that the Finishing Touches team is well-trained, experienced, and ready to bring your lawn and garden back to the way you know and love it – or even better!

We have your solution to reduce the back-breaking hours of manual labor it takes to create the perfect landscape, without cutting any corners. Our design team is ready to create the Garden of Eden right in your backyard and our landscape maintenance professionals will give your property the rest of the TLC that it needs.

Easy Communication and Professional Results

For your convenience, have an easy contact form that helps you set things in motion even quicker than before. Simply tell us what you need, leave your information, and we’ll call you right back to set up a quote appointment.

Our experts are ready to help you with all of your landscaping needs, whether it’s for your lawn, garden, or both. We use the best methods to render the best results for all kinds of plant life.

Top Landscapers In The Snohomish Area

Finishing Touches Landscaping Inc. has been in the professional landscape service industry for over twenty years. And with those decades of experience has brought a wealth of knowledge and many, many, happy clients with beautiful landscapes- clients who no longer have to worry about the demands of DIY landscape maintenance. 

We’re proud to be one of the most recommended landscape companies serving the Snohomish and surrounding areas. Our clients are always raving about our work since we’ve taken on their lawn care. See how we’ve held customer satisfaction over the years by reading some of our reviews.

Year-Round Landscape Maintenance Services

Finishing Touches knows that maintaining a beautiful landscape is an all-season type of job.  It takes year-round service to manage a property throughout each of the seasons. 

We offer four seasons worth of landscape maintenance, such as:

  •       Full-spring cleaning and preparations including garden planning and pressure washing.
  •       Regular lawn maintenance in the summer including weekly mowing and flower bed weeding.
  •       Fall clean-up including leaf removal, debris clearing, and winterizing irrigation systems.
  • Snow removal in the winter time
Need a professional for your landscaping?

Benefits of Landscaping Maintenance Services

Working with Finishing Touches Landscaping Inc. means you’re collaborating with a team of experts who can fulfill your dreams at affordable rates. Remember that when you invest in your yard, you invest in your whole property!

Our years of experience are just what you need to create the landscape of your dreams.

Bring your property back up to tip-top shape, whether it’s flower bed design, lawn care, or tree care.

Beautifying Outdoor Areas

You may be surprised to know that only 10% of homeowners actually know what type of grass they have and the health of their soil.

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know too much about your lawn. That’s where Finishing Touches comes to your rescue!  Our design team can create the exact property you want, with the greenest grass and the most beautiful garden in your neighborhood.

We take the time to get to know the property, meaning the soil, type of grass, and how many hours of sunlight touch your yard. This will all depict what can grow and thrive to create a gorgeous landscape.

Plus, if your property is missing something that would help it to grow better plant material, we’ll let you know before doing anything. Our company leaves nothing to surprise, keeping you updated on your property’s progress the whole way through.

More Than Just Turf Care

Finishing Touches provides all-around lawn services, but we can take your landscape to the next level by working on the other components of your yard like the garden and trees.  

Not only can you get a beautiful lawn, but we offer a wealth of other landscaping maintenance services as well. We can create water features, special turf care for ornamental grasses and shrubs, and so much more.

 Here are some other ways we show your property some much-needed TLC.

  •       Debris removal
  •       Full turf care
  •       Flower bed design and management
  •       Fall-Cleanup and winterization
  •       Spring planning and preparation
  •       Pressure washing decks and other outdoor areas
  •       Mulching and bark installation for weedless gardens
  •       Sprinkler system installation and management


In a time where all houses are starting to look the same, let’s make yours stick out – in a good way! The Finishing Touches team knows that no lawn is the same as another.

Healthy outdoor spaces require skilled hands and expert knowledge to be able to create, not to mention how hard it is to keep up with. That’s why you need our team to help you get the garden oasis that you’ve been dreaming of and to keep it that way!

Our experts come up with a maintenance program that is specialized to your property and your exact needs. Whether it’s weed control, irrigation, or full-service landscaping, we’ve got your backyard.


At Finishing Touches, we know the best practices to get your lawn up to snuff and your flower bed blooming with vibrant, aromatic flowers. Whether your lawn needs regular mowing or your property needs a full face-lift, you’ve come to the right place.

We work on both residential and commercial properties, to offer everyone the same level of high-quality work, no matter where we go or what we do. Let’s get to work on your landscaping yard maintenance plans today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Except for the dead of winter, anytime can be a great time to start your landscaping yard maintenance plans. For instance, starting your design plans a season ahead of time can give you time to make all the necessary preparations for the best results.

You may think that spring is the time to plant everything. But, if you’re looking to plan out a garden or plant some grass, the late fall is prime for planning and planting for next spring.

Certain garden flowers have to be planted in the fall season. In fact, some of the earliest bloomers should be planted in fall, including:

  •       Daffodils
  •       Crocuses
  •       Hyacinths

Just because you conduct your business from the inside, that doesn’t mean the outside or storefront should ever be neglected. A dingy-looking storefront may turn away more customers than it will invite.

Not only can this vastly improve your curb appeal, bringing in customers, but it also raises the property value, if you ever wish to sell. Even a brand-new construction site can reclaim the greenery it had before building.

Especially for construction sites, where soil erosion will be prevalent, Finishing Touches professional lawn care experts can bring your business a huge benefit.

Our Landscaping Client Testimonials

Here at Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance, we feel a job well done is its own reward, but we love hearing from our happy customers. Have a look at what they had to say:

Friendly and knowledgeable They were great. Winterized my sprinkler system and were efficient and thorough. They also had lots of good yard advice and ideas. Will hire again.
Jim D.
Redmond, WA
DJ was terrific. We have a bit of an unusual setup with a well to run our sprinkler system. I talked it through with DJ on the phone and he was on it. He was very courteous and conscientious. I'd recommend him without reservation.
Chuck G.
Bellevue, WA
Very professional and quick. They come and mow every other week . Very pleased with their work.
Sue T.
Woodinville, WA
Really friendly guys, completed the work as expected.... on time and performed rapidly. Brilliant.
Paul K.
Bellevue, WA
On-time, precise, polite, professional. Will hire them again.
Ziaeddin J.
Redmond, WA
Finishing Touches cleaned up our front and back yard, trimmed all the bushes, power washed the patio and driveway to remove moss, weeded some very large flower beds, and laid down bark. The yards look amazing! I would definitely hire them again, and I would recommend them for any job you need done!
Krista B.
Bothell, WA
Workers worked hard. Cleaned up very nice. Pleasant to hire.
Jo ann F.
Monroe, WA
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