If your soil has been eroded, compacted, or is getting ready to be seeded, core aeration will be necessary, but the ideal time for lawn aeration is dependent on grass types. Core aeration involves the removal of small cylinders or “plugs” of soil from the lawn, allowing air and water (and the nutrients that these carry) to penetrate the ground, bypassing natural barriers made of compacted soil or thatch.

Lawn aeration is the best way to get a beautiful lawn with healthy grass. It is more than poking holes in the grass and superior to dethatching in certain cases.

Keep reading to learn all about lawn aerating and Finishing Touches’ core aeration services.

Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance Lawn Aeration

With the experience of 22 years in lawn maintenance, Finish Touches Landscaping offers valuable services by using the right products and machines to make your lawn look better than ever.  We offer custom residential property maintenance.

We take the time to get to know your yard as a functioning ecosystem instead of just a property. Whether you want to aerate your lawn for better grass growth, or you want to create a gorgeous landscape for your backyard, Finishing Touches Landscaping offers the best solutions for you and your property.

Seamless Project Process

To enquire about the lawn aeration and coring service or if you are interested in a quote for your lawn, the inquiry process is quick and easy. The inquiry form will ask for your name, phone number, email, and other relevant details about the project. Feel free to add as much information as you want in this form. 

Once you fill in the form we’ll contact you to make an appointment for a free quote.

Top Lawn Experts in Snohomish Area

With talented workers and a company experience of 22 years, Finishing Touches Landscaping is expert lawn mowers and offers their lawn mowing services from weekly to seasonal. We only use the best machines for our dethatching and aeration to create golf course-level turf for your property.

The Finishing Touches team provides custom solutions to property problems like lawn aeration and many more. Plus, we’re not happy with our work until our clients are in love with their lawn. See some of our reviews to learn more about our top-notch customer service and project success!

Year-Round Yard Care

If you’re a professional or a retiree and you want a lush green lawn, but you either don’t have time or energy to do it, then Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance is here to help you with our versatile offers- including, of course, our coring services for proper lawn aeration.

We offer weekly lawn care for cutting and trimming, removing clippings, and maintenance of your lawn all year round. You are sure to get the most beautiful and green lawn with our experts caring for it.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration or Coring

Thick layers of thatch can build up between your lawn’s grass and the soil’s surface. This prevents nutrients and oxygen to get to the roots of your lawn, and it can even cause an obstruction of water which can’t penetrate these barriers, leading to a disturbance in the natural system for green vegetation.

Lawn aeration plays a vital role in lawn care. When grass has been aerated, organic matter like grass clippings or mulched leaves will be able to break down much easier and can provide more nutrients to the soil. Some grasses, like creeping fescues or perennial ryegrass, form thatch quickly, so they need regular dethatching.

Let’s talk about some of the top benefits of aerating your lawn.

Lawn Aerating | Aeration by De-thatching or Coring is Necessary for a Healthy Lawn

Lawn Aeration Provides Thicker, Greener Grass

When you aerate your soil, you’re penetrating the barriers of thatch or compacted soil, which allows much more airflow and even helps with moisture penetration (and therefore moisture retention for the soil where the grass roots are found). When you do this, you’ll ignite your lawn’s grass growth, and will even benefit the soil below the grass.

Lawn Coring Improves Grass Growth

By breaking the soil and increasing aeration, the nutrients, oxygen, and air can penetrate right down to the soil, creating a healthier lawn. Because of all these added nutrients, your lawn can grow thicker, greener, and without any yellow patches!

Lawn Aeration Boosts Soil Health

Lawn aeration is a great way to prevent or fix soil erosion or to prepare for seeding. By power raking or using an aerator, you can vastly improve the health of your soil by creating the oxygen flow, breaking up the compacted soil, and even removing some of the thatch layers beneath the grass. This isn’t a one-and-done type of task. Lawn aeration should be done every year to make sure that the soil never gets too hard and to provide oxygen flow through the soil all year round.

Lawn Coring Irrigates the Ground

Aerating the lawn removes the packed soil and enables the grass roots to grow quickly. This is because an aerated lawn allows water deeper into the ground, so the soil and roots get the nutrients, not just the grass and thatch layers. If you have a sprinkler system in your lawn, you won’t have to worry about aeration damaging it. In fact, it may reduce the needed frequency of watering, reducing your water bill. Bonuses all around!

We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your upcoming project in these local areas:

Choose Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance for Future Lawn Coring Needs

Lawn coring requires skilled hands, as well as the ability to use the machines and other tools required to do the job. Choosing the Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance team for your lawn aeration and coring will be an investment in your home, saving you the time and money in trying to do it yourself.

We have been serving the Snohomish and surrounding communities for over 22 years, working with many clients to achieve their property goals, giving them the ideal outdoor space to enjoy with family, friends, neighbors, and at the same time boosting their properties’ value.

Our clients continually praise us for being a professional, passionate, and friendly team that performs brilliant work promptly and with expertise. Contact Finishing Touches Landscaping today to get a healthy and beautiful property.

Lawn Aeration FAQs

When Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Lawn?

While the timing usually depends on the type of grass, the best time for your soil is the late spring to early summer. It should be done while the grass is growing, which starts in April. Anytime between April and May is the best time.

While it’s true that coring removes plugs of soil that get left behind on your lawn (some people say that it’s not aesthetically pleasing), the grass growth does get boosted, which will cover up the holes and plugs left by the coring machine and other aeration equipment. 

Mistakes To Avoid When Aerating A Lawn

Don’t be fooled: aerating needs a skilled hand and the right equipment to perform properly. And to be able to get the desired results of a thicker lawn.

Let’s take a look at some mistakes you should avoid regarding aerating your property’s soil:

  • Aerating during a drought or if the soil is too dry.
  • Using the wrong equipment to aerate the soil.
  • Using weed killers or other weed-removing methods too soon after aerating.
  • Aerating the lawn during the fall or winter when the grass is dormant.

When done improperly, aeration can be fatal to a good-looking landscape and may cause more harm to the soil than good. Call Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance today, and you’ll rest easy knowing that your lawn will be aerated with care and, of course, with the proper methods.

Contact Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance today for a free quote on our coring services, improving the airflow and nutrient distribution to get a healthy and beautiful lawn.

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