Mulching and Bark Installation Services

Mulch is a type of organic material that is spread over the top layer of soil to prevent weed growth, keep the soil cool, and hold moisture. This is vital for the health of your property’s soil and plant life and can create an easier garden to manage. But don’t be fooled; it is hard work, and needs skilled hands and knowledge to be effective.

Along with our other services, Finishing Touches Landscaping provides top-notch mulching services to create an attractive landscape on your property. Whether you have flower beds or vegetable gardens, our mulching services are the ultimate booster for soil fertility and the growth of all plant life.

Keep reading to learn more about our mulching services and how they can benefit your flower beds. 

Working With Finishing Touches Landscaping Inc.

Our landscaping company provides landscape maintenance, including mulching service, to bring you a lush garden with healthier plants. By working on your landscape, you can get a beautiful property that improves curb appeal and property value.

Our Simple Procedure

From providing simple services to tree planting, we offer friendly solutions for your lawn, be it your front or back yard. Just provide some basic information using any of the forms on our website and we’ll get in touch shortly.

We provide the best type of mulch material for your landscaping area. Contact Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance for the recovery and beauty that your flower beds desperately need.

Benefits Of Mulching and Bark Installation

Mulching is beneficial to your plants, flowers, and the overall health of the soil. Not only does it enhance the visual appearance and improve plant growth, but it also slashes weed growth and prevents soil erosion.

Finishing Touches Landscaping can provide mulching solutions that resolve a range of problems. Let’s go over some of the bigger benefits mulch can provide.

Mulch Improves Moisture Retention

Mulch is usually a combination of grass clippings, bark, wood chips, pine needles, shredded leaves, newspaper, and even rice. Evidentially, these are all great moisture retainers. This helps to preserve the moisture of the soil and the plants.

In a drought, adding mulch keeps the soil moist by soaking it up like a sponge, and ensuring moisture isn’t constantly evaporating into the air from your soil (if the soil is exposed to direct sunlight, it can dry out very quickly). For this reason, mulch also means cutting down your water bill.

When a layer of mulch is added to the soil, it acts as a barrier, and this organic layer helps the soil to:

  • Absorb more water
  • Keep a consistent temperature
  • Block out too much sun
  • Suffocate weeds and prevent their growth

Finishing Touches is ready to provide mulching services for your residential properties – and even remote areas – for a lustrous and healthy landscape that you can be proud of.

Mulch Protects Against Harsh Weather

Mulch acts as a barrier for the soil and plants from extreme weather patterns like deep freezes and premature thaws. It acts differently depending on the type of harsh weather.

  • In the winter, mulch acts as a blanket and keeps the heat of the soil. As a result, it protects the root system from the cold winters and drastic temperature changes.
  • In the summer, mulch retains soil moisture like a sponge, reduces evaporation, and cools the soil temperature. This helps plants bloom better and keep longer.
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Mulch Helps with Soil Nutrition

Mulch is a heap of nutritional treasure for the soil. Organic mulch is made up of dead or living plant material that decomposes when added to the top of the soil, leaving behind nutrients for the plants. In turn, this increases soil fertility, creating more options for what you can grow in your gardens.

It’s important to note that drier mulch will not decompose easily and cannot provide nutrients to the soil. So, you must add a suitable mulch layer to the soil. If you don’t know the right type of mulch to use, contact Finishing Touches and we will take away the confusion.

Mulch Breaks Down Compacted Soil

Compacted soil has poor irrigation, causing flower beds or vegetation to grow improperly or drown. To get a perfectly green lawn with beautiful flower beds, you must add mulch to your compacted soil or perform aeration to create soil drainage.

Mulch decomposes slowly and seeps down to the bottom of your soil. It works to break down the hardened soil, loosening it up to hold water and provide oxygen to the plant roots. This prepares your soil to grow healthier plants in a better way by creating aeration and irrigation.

Mulch Controls Weed Growth

A 2-3 inch layer of mulch is ideal for a weed-proof barrier on the soil surface. Like many other plants, weeds need light, air, and warm soil for their germination. Mulch will block the sunlight from reaching the weeds and will keep the soil cool. As a result, the weeds are smothered by the mulch, halting and preventing growth.

By reducing the growth of weeds, it’s much easier to maintain the beauty of your landscape. Weeds are annoying; let Finishing Touches get rid of them for good!

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Choose Finishing touches Landscaping for Your Mulching and Bark Installation Needs

Finishing Touches is the best choice for achieving the landscape of your dreams. We have over 22 years of experience serving the Snohomish and surrounding areas and are 100% recommended on contractor sites like HomeAdvisor.

Our skilled employees are experts in landscaping work and using specialized approaches to achieve the best results for your property. We will take extra care to grow your plants.

If your yard isn’t quite making the cut, we can provide you with solutions to get it exactly where it needs to be. Whether it’s for yourself or to keep up with HOA standards, we can make your landscape dreams come true.

Call today and get your free quote for our mulching services. Let’s make your home stand out in all of the best ways!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Mulching Control Pest Invasions?

The most common and effective type of mulch is typically cedar bark mulch. Cedar contains essential oils that act as a repellent for insects, like grubs and leaf-eaters. The strong aroma of the bark helps to keep those unwanted pests away from the lawn area and your precious flowers.

Complete knowledge of pests in your area and the type of soil can lead to the right selection of mulch. Let the Finishing Touches team research your soil and its needs. Our team knows what the best methods are for your specific garden.

What is the Best Time to Apply Mulch?

While it’s common to see mulch being put down in the fall for insulation purposes, the best time for mulching is actually mid to late spring. During this time, soil warms up after experiencing the cold temperature throughout the winter and will need the nutrients.

If you have an old layer of mulch down to an inch, top it up with the new layer of mulch. There is no need to remove the old mulch, as it just decomposes and is much more beneficial that way.

This process is very time-consuming and requires work on your hands and knees. Hire Finishing Touches for excellent mulching service for the best lawn full of beautiful flower beds— all without lifting a finger.

Contact us today to see how we can help your yard with mulch for your flower beds and trees!

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