Sprinkler system winterizing

Do you have a large garden or property that needs constant watering? Do you live in a spot that rain clouds just seem to go around?

When you don’t have the time or energy to water acre upon acre of grass or even a small garden, you should consider getting a sprinkler system. If you already have a sprinkler system, you likely know how much easier that system can make your life.

Finishing Touches Landscaping Inc. is your best choice for all sprinkler system services in the Snohomish and surrounding areas. Our experience and dedication to customer satisfaction remain unparalleled after twenty years of service. Keep reading to learn more about our sprinkler system services, specifically, winterization.

Finishing Touches Landscaping’s Sprinkler System Services

Necessary Irrigation For Your Whole Property

Our sprinkler systems are made with “rain mode” which makes sure that rain won’t overwater any of your plants. And when it heavily rains, there is irrigation directly to the soil to help moisture retention underground.

By hiring Finishing Touches for your property maintenance and sprinkler winterization, you’ll get the right amount of water for your lawn and garden. No more and no less.

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Shutting Down For The Winter

When the weather starts to chill and the grass goes dormant, you won’t need your sprinkler system for a few months. If you don’t winterize your sprinkler system, you’ll end up with busted pipes and leaks next spring.

This will cause all kinds of damage to your lawn and garden that will end up being very costly to repair. Instead, call Finishing Touches to help you winterize and shut down your sprinkler system for the season.

Let’s look at all of the benefits of our sprinkler system winterization services.

Sprinkler System Winterizing | Protect your Irrigation this Winter

Activation and Repairs

Having an underground sprinkler system isn’t like having a hose sprinkler. It provides more direct coverage and saves time and money. Whether you have a busted pipe or blocked irrigation lines, Finishing Touches is here to help!

Here are some of the most common services we offer to our clients with sprinkler and irrigation systems:

  1. Winterization
  2. Blocked Underground Pipes
  3. Leaking Irrigation Pipes
  4. Checking Air Pressure
  5. Springtime Activation

Benefits of Winterizing Your Sprinkler System:

The biggest benefit to having a sprinkler system is that you don’t have to water your lawn or garden every day. But, to have long-lasting sprinklers, you need to winterize them every year; otherwise, your wallet will face the consequences.

It’s absolutely essential to winterize your underground sprinklers and irrigation systems. If not, you will have many issues that will cost you in repairs and high water bills.

When the cold weather hits, Finishing Touches can be there to help you shut down your sprinkler and irrigation system in the proper ways so you can avoid malfunctions.

Preventing Malfunctions

When you have a sprinkler system, it will have maintenance requirements to keep it working well and watering your property for years to come. While it may cut down on your water bill, improper care will catch up to you with malfunctions and costly repairs.

Winterization is vital because if the water source isn’t fully drained, or the main valve isn’t closed, the water inside will freeze and bust the pipes.  Here are some other common malfunctions that come after improper winterization:

  • Leaking pipes
  • Clogged lines or sprinkler heads
  • Low water pressure
  • Timer malfunctions
  • Sprinkler movement malfunctions

The winterization process involves draining the entire water system leaving no water to freeze or damage the pipes. And in the springtime, we will come back to reactivate everything, so you can continue enjoying your backyard.  

Healthier Plant Life

A sprinkler system doesn’t just help to water grass, trees, and flowers. Your property as a whole benefits from better irrigation through the soil’s water retention and other drainage mechanisms.

In turn, this helps to keep the soil healthy and prevents any kind of erosion or bug infestation. Plus, it will extend the life of your lovely green lawn! Boosting the soil also helps to keep all the plant life as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Having a sprinkler system with smart mode helps to cut down costs and prevent flooding. With the air pressure that pushes the water out of the system, the soil is also getting a healthy dose of oxygen.

Beautiful Landscape Without The Work

Imagine walking onto your lush, green lawn, enjoying the bliss of your beautiful landscape, knowing you didn’t have to lift a finger. Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Getting a sprinkler system for your property is truly an investment that pays off, both in the value and aesthetic of your landscape. The irrigation that a sprinkler system brings will cut your water bill simply because the soil is draining and retaining properly.

With sprinkler systems, you won’t have to water your new grass or garden daily. You can step back and watch the plant life grow and thrive while saving time, money, and a whole lot of work.

It’s absolutely essential to winterize your underground sprinklers and irrigation systems

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Choose Finishing Touches Landscaping for your Sprinkler System Winterizing Needs

With the weather being so warm right now, you’re not likely thinking about any kind of winterization. But, early preparation will bring you benefits in the long run. Book your winterization early and avoid doing it too late!

Remember that irrigation and sprinkler systems are not DIY projects. This service requires proper technology and tools as well as a serious amount of research to figure out if your lawn truly needs it and can sustain it.

Call Finishing Touches for all of your sprinkler system needs! Not only can we winterize this fall, but we can even install one for this season, too! Contact the most popular landscaping team in the area now!

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