Fall Yard Cleanup & Leaf Removal Service

During the fall, all plant growth halts, due to lower temperatures. Annuals will die and perennials will go dormant for the winter season.

For your landscaping, fall is also typically a season full of preparation for the winter. Whether it’s falling leaves or dying plants, your property is going to need some cleaning and prep for the winter to come.

Fall yard cleanup involves many steps, from raking up leaves to core aeration. All these steps prepare your lawn to face the cold temperature, so they are ready to go next spring. This also makes spring preparations much easier.

Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance is proud to deliver fall yard cleanup services to help you get a lush and healthy lawn. Don’t spoil your energy and time in the lawn maintenance process. Let our landscape professionals handle it. Just sit back and enjoy a resort-worthy property all year long.

Pristine Yard Cleanup Services

Finishing Touches is a landscaping company with over 20 years of experience in delivering a wide array of services, including yard cleanups. Over the past years, we have satisfied countless clients around the Snohomish area with our services.

We deliver exceptional services that you can rely on to get your yard into shape for whatever you want to use it for- parties, family reunions, or even some backyard yoga, if that’s your thing. If you want golf course-level grass and vibrant flower beds, contact Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance.

Easy Connection For Professional Services

We understand the importance and worth of your time. Fall yard cleanup or maintenance services can be exhausting for anyone.

To get right to work, we simplified our contact process to save time. Use our website form to provide basic information like your name, email, location, and then describe your needs. We’ll get right to work providing your quote for your yard cleanup needs.

Yard Cleanup Services Experts

Yard cleanups for preparing for winter can be a delicate process that requires a lot of experience and love for landscaping. The owner of Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance, DJ DeFreece, has been in this field since 1999. By his lead, the company is consistently top-rated and recommended on contracting sites like HomeAdvisor.

We continuously work to explore the beauty of your property with our expertise and skilled landscapers. With our services, you are sure to fall in love with your yard all over again.  

We cater to the love of landscaping in our employees to take better care of your lawn. Our landscaping services have been praised by countless clients as well as the friendly attitude of our team.

Expertise for Your Fall Yard Cleanup

The Finishing Touches team are experts in lawn maintenance and providing excellent services. We provide the best solutions for your yard care at the most reasonable rates.

Our team’s sole purpose is to help you get a beautiful property that you are overjoyed to invite people to visit! Some of our fundamental services include:

  • Landscape maintenance and yard care
  • Flower bed design and management
  • Spring or fall yard cleanup
  • Mulching and fertilization
Fall Yard Cleanup & Leaf Removal Services

Benefits of Finishing Touches Fall Yard Cleanup Services

Fall yard cleanup is the first step for the preparation of lawns to withstand cold temperatures in winters. We provide the best fall yard care services to prepare your lawn for the cold winter season, to help it grow green and lush come springtime.

While you might think of leaf removal as the core of fall clean-up, you might be surprised to discover that it has many other steps to follow. Essentially, fall clean-up is winterizing your outdoor space.

Other than raking and removing leaves, some other elements of fall clean-up include:

  • Shutting down sprinkler systems for the winter
  • Adding another layer of mulch to your flower bed.
  • Removing annual flowers that won’t grow back next year.
  • Covering ornamental ponds and shrubbery that doesn’t winter well.
  • Lawn or Core aeration

Increases Soil Aeration

As you know, soil aeration is vital for the lawn to improve soil conditions for better plant growth. During our fall cleanup yard process, the soil is perforated to increase the aeration.

After the removal of debris, including leaf removal, dead branches, shrubs, or any other waste, aeration is performed. Aeration creates better airflow and irrigation to your soil, so it has the nutrients it will need over the winter season.

Perforating of the soil will break it up, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to the soil and then to the plants. As a result, your plants will grow and blossom better next spring.

Prevents Diseases and Infestation

Excess of fallen leaves form a layer over the soil and prevents the sunlight from reaching the soil. This reduces evaporation, which enables the growth of fungi like mold, mushrooms, and even breeds certain types of diseases that could seriously harm your garden. Not only does this affect the beauty of the lawn, but it will also affect the health of all plant life. No one wants moldy plants.

If fungal diseases do invade, this will result in discoloration of grass, and, if left, will actually grow mold between the blades. If your kids and pets are in this grass, the presence of mold can drastically affect their lungs, creating health issues.

The only way to prevent this is through doing a thorough fall yard cleanup. Finishing Touches understands the science behind a healthy lawn. Call us today for a beautiful lawn, totally free of disease, and perfectly safe for your family to play around in.

Enhancements for Next Season

Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs also leads these plants to bloom much better in the next season. We carefully prune the shrubs to remove limbs that pose a risk of falling and causing damage, which also improves the health of the whole tree.

We also do edging around your flower beds and trees to maintain your garden’s shape and prevent the grass from taking over your flower bed, and vice versa. Clean lines like these make your whole yard look like it’s well-maintained and cared for. Not only will your neighbors be jealous, but it also keeps the local HOA happy, too. 

Then, an extra layer of organic mulch around the trees and flowers for several reasons. The main reason for mulching in the fall is to create a protective layer over the soil for the upcoming winter.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your upcoming project in these local areas:

Choose Finishing Touches for Your Fall Cleanup Yard Care Needs

Finishing Touches is proud to have all of our happy customers and a team of trained members to provide all types of landscape maintenance services. Don’t waste your precious time to get rid of the messy debris of the autumn season. Contact us and get your registration for fall cleanup yard services.

Turn your commercial properties or home lawn into a lush, green landscape. Get your quote today and collaborate with our team for the property you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fall Cleanup Important for the Yard?

Turf health is essential for a green and healthy lawn. If you don’t invest time in the fall, the grasses will show up the symptoms of negligence in the early spring. Your investment in fall cleanup will provide a great payoff in the spring.

If you want healthier and greener grass in the spring, contact Finishing Touches. We will take care of all the details and provide the services that your property needs.

What is the Fall Cleanup Yard Care Checklist?

Our fall cleanup checklist includes the following tasks to handle before winter:

  1. Removing of debris and taking of dead branches
  2. Mowing and aeration of the lawn
  3. Addition of fertilizer and mulch
  4. Raking over bald spots and maintenance
  5. Winterizing any sprinkler or irrigation systems.
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