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The liveliness of your lawn is highly dependent on how much water it’s getting, which is why you need a professionally designed and installed sprinkler system. At Finishing Touches Landscaping, we offer a wide range of custom professional residential lawn and flower bed maintenance programs.

This includes impressive sprinkler systems that match with any lawn design you might have. With our services, you can keep your landscape design looking beautiful and well-maintained.

From sprinkler repair and installation to activation and winterization, you can contact Finishing Touches Landscaping for all your landscape and sprinkler needs.

What to Expect from Finishing Touches Landscaping?

How effective is your sprinkler system? Whether you need a new one, or you need it activated after the long winter months, Finishing Touches Landscaping offers high-quality sprinkler system services for all types of lawns.

Our professionally designed sprinkler systems offer efficient ways to give your lawn the hydration it deserves. You can avoid running up your water bill or over-watering your lawn.

At Finishing Touches Landscaping, we design our systems with effectiveness in mind. Every single blade of grass will be properly hydrated with no dry spot in sight.

Enjoy a five-star experience and a beautiful lawn at the end of the day.

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Getting Started with Sprinkler System Services

It’s not difficult to get high-quality sprinkler systems on your lawn, as long as you contact Finishing Touches Landscaping. You can follow a simple process of employing these services and working with top landscapers.

Submit your name, phone number, and service needed into our simple online form, or directly contact us to explain your sprinkler needs. Once you’ve contacted us, you will get an affordable quote from our landscapers. With speed, ease, and convenience, you can hire top sprinkler system services.

Sprinkler Installation and Repair

Sprinkler services are always needed, whether you’ve never had one or are replacing or expanding your existing system. Our team at Finishing Touches Landscaping offers meticulous and unique sprinkler systems that are ideal for you. We offer successful sprinkler systems for all landscaping that focus on your system design and customization.

A faulty sprinkler system can cost you a lot of money and cause damage to your landscape. It can overwater your plants, cause water damage, ruin your landscape, and increase water bills. If you need sprinkler system repairs, turn to the experts at Finishing Touches Landscaping. We’ll take care of broken heads, dry patches, leaks, malfunctions, and control problems.

Sprinkler Activation, Winterization and Special Services

If you require sprinkler system activation after winter, it’s best to call on a professional from Finishing Touches Landscaping. Once spring comes, there’s nothing more important for your landscape than proper irrigation and hydration.

To get a healthy lush lawn without an expensive water bill you will need to activate and winterize your sprinkler system.

Depending on your needs, our professionals can design special sprinkler systems and solutions. Protect the beauty of your lawn and save water at the same time during any season.

Benefits of Having Your Own Sprinkler System

Our services are well-known for being professional and quick

There are a wide range of benefits to having your system done by Finishing Touches Landscaping. Our services are well-known for being professional and quick. We focus on offering you to-notch customer service from the moment you contact us.

Our professionals are friendly, polite, and precise, which means you can ask any question you’d. With no shortcuts in their work, they will follow the necessary steps and complete the work as expected.

Our services come to you at affordable and low prices, ideal for anyone who wants to take care of their landscape without breaking the bank. But you’re probably wondering, why should I have a sprinkler system?

It Is Automated, Convenient, and Accurate

Whether your busy day hinders your attention or you forget to water your lawn, an effective sprinkler system takes away the hassle. With the Finishing Touches Landscaping sprinkler, you can remove one more chore from your to-do list. These convenient sprinklers will meet your landscaping needs, and we will design them specific for you.

You can also ask us to install sprinklers that come with automatic timers, which will make it easy to irrigate your system. Based on the kind of landscape you need, we will recommend the right sprinkler design and customization.

A sprinkler system also ensures your lawn is watered with the right amount. Too much water on your lawn can damage your plants, make them lose their nutrients, and waste a lot of money.

The correctly designed sprinkler system will ensure that you’re not wasting water, but that your lawn is getting the perfect amount it requires.

Waters Your Lawn Even When You’re Not There

Are you going on vacation or do work long hours? You don’t have to neglect your gorgeous landscape or come home to a dry, yellow lawn all because you’re not around. You won’t have to disturb your neighbours, either. If you call on a professional to properly install a sprinkler system, you can solve this problem with ease.

It’s advisable to call a professional to install your sprinkler system rather than doing it yourself. They follow HOA requirements and give you a beautiful landscape based on your design.

Automated sprinklers will take care of all your needs and prevents weeds and diseases in your plants. With targeted sprinklers, you can give your plants the hydration and nutrients they need, whether you’re around or not.

Saves You Time and Energy

You can save yourself time and energy from taking care of your landscape when you call Finishing Touches Landscaping. With our customized services, you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful lawn. There will be no problems with dead grass, bald spots, and dirt.

Instead of carrying a watering can around every day and struggling with the right amount of water, you can save yourself the stress and time by professionally installing a sprinkler system.

Don’t attempt to fix or replace your damaged sprinkler system yourself. This will only waste your time, energy, and money. Deciding to do it yourself can end up damaging it further, leaving you with a worse sprinkler system.

Instead, call on professional services from Finishing Touches Landscaping to provide you with high-quality sprinkler services.

You can save yourself all the time and energy

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