At first, lawn overseeding sounds like something that could potentially hurt your lawn. But don’t worry, overseeding your lawn is nothing to be feared. In fact, it can boost your soil health and help it to grow greener and more durable turf. 

Simply put, overseeding is a vital part of lawn maintenance that involves applying grass seed on a lawn that already has a fair amount of turf. It’s also a common solution to patchy grass, thinning lawns, and damaged lawns.

Among our other landscaping services, Finishing Touches is proud to boost your lawn’s durability through overseeding. Keep reading to learn all about our overseeding services and how Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance can help your lawn become a lush oasis.

Property Perfection With Finishing Touches Landscaping

When you work with Finishing Touches, you can rely on us to create the yard that you’ve always wanted. 

The team at Finishing Touches Landscaping Landscaping & Maintenance is skilled in lawn health and landscape maintenance. Whether you’re looking to design a flower bed or accelerate your property’s grass growth, we’ve got the answers for you. 

Overseeding, part of our Landscape Services in Snohomish & Surrounding Areas

No-Hassle Landscaping Services

We know that lawn overseeding and many other landscaping tasks can be back-breaking work. Our design and maintenance programs are designed to let you focus on the more important things going on in your life.

Finishing Touches works to relieve the stress and physical burden of creating and maintaining a beautiful property. Plus, if your neighborhood is subject to high standards set by the Homeowner’s Association, we can keep them happy too!

Our quoting process has been praised by our clients for being quick, accurate, and straightforward. Our contact form is designed to record all the right info, so we can get right to work on scheduling your estimate.

22 Years of Landscaping Expertise 

Founded in 1999 by DJ DeFreece, you can count on the expertise of a landscape maintenance master and a team of equally talented landscape maintenance workers. Our team strives to bring the highest quality results so our clients can fall in love with their properties all over again, and sometimes for the very first time!

We’re proud to be one of the highest-rated companies in the area. For over two decades, Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance has been designing and maintaining gorgeous landscapes for commercial properties and homeowners all over the Snohomish and the surrounding areas, from Monroe to Mill Creek and Kenmore.

Finishing Touches Landscaping is a highly rated company that is 100% recommended on sites like HomeAdvisor for local lawn maintenance services. Read some of our reviews to hear about how much our clients love our work.

Customized Solutions For Your Property

The landscaping team at Finishing Touches are all experts in lawn health and maintenance. We provide specialized solutions for all of your residential property needs. Our core services include:

  • Seasonal Cleanup and Preparation
  • Flowerbed Design and Maintenance 
  • Landscape Maintenance 

If your lawn or garden has a problem, we have the answer! Save the time and effort of doing it yourself and let us do the work for you. 

Benefits of Lawn Overseeding

Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance offers lawn overseeding services which is one of the best grass growth options for a beautiful and resilient lawn that you can be proud of. By overseeding your lawn, we can grow a greener, sustainable lawn that lasts. 

There are heaps of benefits to lawn overseeding. From the beginning of grass growth on a bare lawn to maintaining a full property, overseeding may just be the grass growth hack you’ve been looking for.

Curing Patchy or Damaged Areas of Grass

Shady spots, hills, and water tables can hinder grass growth. If your property has “bald spots” or patchy areas, overseeding may just be the miracle that brings the grass back up to snuff. With proper preparation and care, you can see prominent grass growth in spots that couldn’t grow much or anything before. 

Lawn overseeding is also a blessing to homeowners with a property that has been damaged by soil erosion, pests, or other grass growth. It undoes the damage and can even act as a form of protection to prevent it from happening again. 

Finishing Touches can provide lawn overseeding with the right kinds of grass seed for your property’s soil. Even if your property has no grass at all, we know what grows the best in our soil and the climate here in Washington State.

The most common types of grass found in Washington State are:

  • Fine Fescue
  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Perennial Ryegrass

Maintaining Lawn Aesthetics

Lawn overseeding doesn’t just help you with patchy areas on your property, but it also helps to maintain a healthy lawn that you might not think would need any help. Even normal lawns can benefit from overseeding.

Note that when overseeding, you will also have to water and fertilize more often. It may be a good idea to invest in a sprinkler system to keep the grass green and healthy. Our lawn maintenance program can help you with all of that!

By spreading grass seed over existing turf, you can increase the green color and the soft texture of the grass. You may just want to walk barefoot over the lush lawn that Finishing Touches can give you!

Improving Soil Health

Statistically, over 80% of homeowners do not know what kind of soil they have, let alone how healthy it is. Your soil can be deteriorated by several factors, like overworking, heavy rains and flooding, and pests.

Not only can overseeding fix deteriorated soil, but it can also prevent soil erosion from ever happening in the first place. 

Your property’s soil health is the biggest factor in how the grass will grow, so if your lawn’s in trouble, you’re going to want to find a team like Finishing Touches to figure out what your soil truly needs to grow healthy grass.

Finishing Touches Landscaping & Maintenance can help your lawn become a lush oasis.

We look forward to the opportunity to help you with your upcoming project in these local areas:

Choose Finishing Touches Landscaping for your Lawn Overseeding Needs 

As we’ve mentioned, Finishing Touches has been supporting our clients for all kinds of lawn maintenance for over 22 years. We’re proud to serve commercial and residential properties in Snohomish and other local areas, including:

  • Bellevue
  • Redmond
  • Woodinville
  • Monroe
  • Bothell

We’re not a one-solution company; we work closely with you to plan and maintain your property without you having to do any work. Let’s collaborate to get you the landscape your property deserves! 

Contact us to book your lawn overseeding quote today. We’re excited to give your property the best turf in the neighborhood!

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time For Lawn Overseeding?

The mild climate that we experience in the Pacific Northwest may lead you to believe that any time during the year would be optimal, with the obvious exception being winter.  However, you may be surprised to learn that Fall is the best time to overseed. 

In Washington State, we have a lot of “cool-season” grasses that grow best when the weather is cooler. So during fall clean-up, it’s a great idea to have your lawn overseeded as an extra boost for the upcoming spring. 

Does Overseeding Need More Maintenance Than Normal Methods?

Most of the time, homeowners will plant grass seed, water it once or twice, and then wait for their brown ground to start turning green. This will only result in patchy, thin grass that can be easily damaged.

Like planting a garden, creating the perfect lawn takes time to plan and prepare. Lawn overseeding will be much more effective if the ground is aerated first and maintained with fertilizer and regular watering. 

Schedule a free quote for your lawn overseeding today! We’d be happy to help give your property the best turf in the neighborhood!

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